As a muslim, I condemn the atrocity that we saw yesterday. I condemn the last terrorist attack that an ‘extremist muslim’ carried out. I condemn the one before that, I condemn 7/7 and 9/11. I condemn every act of aggression any muslim has shown to anyone from the beginning of time. I also apologise profusely for all of the above.


I will apologise for anything required. Why? Because it doesn’t make me any less of a person to apologise for something I didn’t do. For those who demand an ‘apology’ from every muslim because someone who shares a distorted version of my religion carries out an attack of terrorism. An act which I abhor, an act which I stand against. For me one life equals humanity – that’s my religion.
Those that have their morality in check know such instances are a rarity and those who carry them out do so on their own twisted agenda, far from any religion. If you are unsure, ask the late MP Jo Cox’s husband who, today, showed us what dignity is.
For those who demand apologies and condemnations from me, because the misguided perpetrator happened to share my religion, while you are trying to get one-up on me, my faith, and billions of others like me, we apologise we are not submitting to your demands. Maybe it is because we are in pain, we are feeling the hurt of the victims and their loved ones. Maybe because we are too busy trying to stop those who are being misled by an ideology of hate from being drifted so far away that we can’t bring them back. We are too busy praying for those affected, and trying to support them in person. Maybe, we don’t want to play your ‘game’ of politics, while our brethren mourn. Yes, they are our brethren, even if you can’t fathom the fact that different faiths can live together, with love.
So to those who demand apologies and condemnations, please accept the above and continue with your games, whilst we return to show our solidarity with those who are hurt right now.


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