The title of this article is derived from the Western Classic as the current situation is not far from what one can describe as a location akin to the Wild West. Based on news accounts, its seems people are fast realising that all of our woes were and are NOT due to the EU. History shows us things have never been easy but we have fought through the tough times and made it through them as a nation. Only this time, there was an easy target to blame. Benefits, immigration, NHS, education standards are all things we can fix but have not due to poor political leadership. Has everyone forgotten it wasn’t the EU trying to strip our NHS but our own leadership? It transpires the LEAVE campaigned hinged on some basic tenets which were nothing but false promises which have only become evident to the LEAVE voters now, possibly too late.

We live in a connected world and that is what helps stability for those who are connected. Trade Agreements, The UN and Leadership Summits are all procedures and motions followed to connect us further. These all bring a certain element of responsibility and targets we must deliver to remain a part of them. Yes the EU was slightly more demanding but I challenge anyone to name any laws which resulted from EU directives, that were bad for us. It’s always easier to blame others for problems, and the EU was an easy target. A little introspection would’ve went a long way, but that has happened and we accept that as a part of democracy. Sadly that was the good whilst the bad and the ugly remain yet to be discussed.

The hours after the critical referendum were awaited by millions around the world as history was being made. Cameron immediately resigned and the Labour party has seen an implosion. Corbyn sacking Shadow Minister Benn, has now been followed by practically the whole Shadow Cabinet resigning. Benn had tried to put pressure on Corbyn to resign, but Corbyn seeing and being a part of these coups many a time, has challenged anyone openly to another Labour leadership election but insists he will not let the country down by resigning in the hour of need. Good or bad, one must admire he’s steadfastness. Maybe it is easy to criticise him for not resigning, after all he is accused of being responsible Labour’s lacklustre campaign for REMAIN, but history has always been nice to men of principle and those who remain standing in times of turmoil. And there will never be a better time than now to stand and be counted. On the other side of the fence, the tory camp is not showing any better signs.

One would normally use the words ‘Eton Mess’ to describe a classic strawberry and cream dessert, but here it is apt in describing the state of the Tory party, a haven for the Alumni of Eton College. Cameron has resigned handing the LEAVE campaigners a contest for the Tory leadership, but in a twist only Cameron would have pre-empted, it seems no one wants to take the poisoned chalice. When the Tory MPs had signed the letter asking Cameron not to resign and in fact unite the party, it may have been a case of ‘honour amongst thieves’ and them not wanting to take the pressure of invoking article 50.

Just to be clear, this referendum has been one of the most divisive times for the UK and to invoke article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and formally start the EU exit procedure, the PM-to-be, would be looking at the wrath of the EU nations, Scotland and Ireland independence, and the dissatisfaction of forty-eight percent of the country. It seems Cameron may have had the last laugh. This predicament has meant that the Tory party, and in fact the Govt has created a vacuum internally because there was no Brexit plan – just a campaign to LEAVE. That leaves the party in power in an internal mess whilst the opposition party may also be on the path of self-destruction, if not managed correctly.

If this wasn’t enough, the ugly side of humanity has been showing in the last two days as strings of racial incidents have taken place with the common theme being ‘we voted leave, why are you still here?’ ‘You’ referring to anyone not of English descent. It is sad, that a campaign was built on fear-mongering and many who voted LEAVE, did so on pretext that ALL overseas would leave if they succeeded in their vote. It was only days ago, we sat in England looking across the Atlantic and wondering how Trump has achieved the success he has done, only for this truth to hit us so quickly. On the other side, a petition was started for a second referendum which has been signed just over 3.5 million times at time of writing. This really shows the two sides of the divide, very clearly.

Good and bad times hit all aspects of life and this is one of them. We have seen democracy at its best which resulted in a very close outcome. But what ensued has put the nation on its knees with both the govt and the opposition in a crippled state, something which we don’t need if we want to get back on our feet as quickly as possible. With Corbyn due to announce he’s new Shadow Cabinet tomorrow, and announcing messages of solidarity and strength, it may be that the opposition lead the nation till our govt is back in action.

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