The Blame Game

If I started a list of issues with / in Pakistan, I could list hundreds. Every country has their fair share, but Pakistan must be up there with the most problematic countries. In honesty – the problems are real, there’s […]


Following the Rules

Rules are funny, we all know we should follow them but when it comes to ourselves we justify things to carry on breaking the rules. Allow me to explain. We know the rule that smoking is bad for us, yet we […]

Memoirs From The Future

Its the night following voting the day after the General Elections of 2018. After a busy day ensuring the party has fulfilled the voting day organisation and rituals, PTI members stand together as the results are announced. The previous five […]

Imran Khan. One Man, Two Wolves.

Imran Khan is a much revered man in Pakistan and the world over. He’s astounding track record in professional cricket threw him in the limelight but more recently he has been known for he’s philanthropic and political efforts. The last […]